Sunday, July 19, 2015

Some Great Advice from a Former Smoker in Austin, Texas

Here's a few words from another review on the Yelp page of Harmony Hypnosis, Austin's Quit Smoking Headquarters:

"James, THANK YOU for devoting your life to empowering people through hypnosis and helping me to stop smoking cigarettes. Like most people, I came to you very determined to quit, curious about what i’d heard about the effectiveness of hypnosis, yet very skeptical due to all of the nonsense we see on TV. From our first phone call you immediately put my mind at ease, that at least you, did not view hypnosis as some magic show, but in fact that you regarded it as a very practical and powerful art and science. I was curious and comfortable enough to give it a chance.
The program you have created is nothing short of brilliant. I can’t say that I fully understand how it worked, but it worked. I tried to quit on my own for years, and no matter how determined I was at times, I never had the command over my craving for nicotine, that I do now. I felt powerless before I came to you. You explained the physiology of smoking cigarettes and took me through a series of meditation sessions, and I have not touched a cigarette since. To call that magic, or a miracle, is to miss the point that we all have the will and the power to do anything we want. The job of a hypnotist is to help us realize and harness that willpower. Again thank you for helping me realize that I had the strength to do it all along. My only regret now, is that I didn’t do it sooner.
To any of you who have been struggling to quit something or start something new, and have been feeling powerless. Go see James."

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